Just a self-trained home cook in an 8' x 12' kitchen honing his craft…

Under the crown, a creamy, light and heavenly cheesecake.

Close-up of the cheesecake. The gold ribbon is from Istanbul.

A slice with cranberry topping.

After several episodes recently of ‘baking’ in a crock pot, I realized what I really was craving was a good, old-fashioned New York style cheesecake. No one’s is better than ‘The’ Cake Lady of NYC herself, Rose Levy Beranbaum. I referenced my copy of her latest book, Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, and found several choices. I will eventually try them all, but for now, the classic was what I craved, so the classic is what I made.

The ‘crown’ is ladyfingers(store-bought this go round, but next time I will make my own) and underneath is the richest, most light and creamy cake you may have ever laid against your tongue. It was simply wonderful as plain as plain could be, but I had made the topping while the cake baked, so I felt compelled to serve it with topping the first time I served it.

Later, I shared it with several friends and clients and the reviews were quite positive. I will definitely be doing this recipe again.


Comments on: "Cheesecake crown with cranberry topping" (2)

  1. I made a NY cheesecake recently and whipped up a batch of bananas foster to pour on top and it was delicious! The cake was cool and the bananas were hot and they were just perfect together.

  2. Rachel? That sounds like a winning combo. If you like banana flavor, try the ultimate banana bread recipe form Cooks Illustrated from last fall. I have done it several times, once even with red bananas and it is really, really good. I have gotten really positive feedback even from those who claim “I don’t like banana bread.”

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