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Eat your vegetables!

I never know when I peruse my cookbooks(of which there are many) what will strike my fancy next. In the past month, I have been reading Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, studying Rose’s new findings and comments since the last cake book,
The Cake Bible, first published in 1989. My copy is falling apart and chocolate and butter stained from use.

The new book is a work of art. Almost every cake is pictured, in color no less, so you can almost taste them as you turn the pages. One of the new formulas was the white chocolate cream cheese frosting with some minor changes from The Cake Bible. The addition of crème fraîche and the deletion of lemon juice intrigued me. She also recommends Green & Black’s Organic white chocolate which is chock full of vanilla beans- YUM!

We had just seen Kathy Freston on The Tavis Smiley Show show discussing vegan-ism(if I may). One of the amazing statistics she shared was if each person would eat vegan just one day a week, it would be equivalent to taking 8 million cars off the road. Besides the environmental impact, you would lose weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and have more energy. One wonders, ‘What am I waiting for?’ Our family decided we will adopt this modus operandi this week and see where it takes us. If you’d like to try it or read some of Kathy’s findings and suggestions, her book is Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World.

That said, Rose’s carrot cake seemed a natural choice, since carrots are a vegetable and nothing compliments white chocolate cream cheese frosting better. The recipe in the new book had slight changes from the last book and she comments in the introductory paragraph that she tweaked it several times to get the right balance of sweet and spice(and a touch of cocoa!). It is marvelous.

Fresh out of the oven. The aroma was heavenly!

Clockwise from top: food processor bowl with cream cheese, butter and crème fraîche, the cake layers and the melted white chocolate.

The bottom layer is frosted.

I won’t go so far to count it as a serving of my daily vegetables, but it’s worth making for a birthday or your next social occasion. Here are a couple of photos of the completed project.

The completed cake on my semi-antique turntable.

The finished cake on the semi-antique turntable.

The finished cake and a slice ready for serving.

ralston likes his cake with a spoon. He says it's easier to get every crumb...

The Wilton cake company turntable was an estate sale find. I have no clue of the age of it, but the former owner’s apartment was literally crammed from one end to the other with baking sheets, cookbooks. recipe cards, molds, cake pans, etc. Their collection of cooking implements and equipment rivaled my own! I felt an immediate kinship to them through their possessions, some of which I still use with great pleasure and respect. The chipped paint lends character!

Toujours, bon appétit!
© Kyle A. Nelson


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