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Muffin, muffin, who’s got the muffin?

This will most likely be a short posting. For the past 2 weeks, I have nursed a badly bruised/sprained wrist, so typing is not only not fun, but a bit painful, even wearing a wrist support. It was a stupid accident(aren’t they always?). No matter, mouths must be fed and whilst we have eaten out more than usual in the past 2 weeks, I have managed to cook some, mostly with the help of anti-inflammatories and my trusty Kitchen-aid mixer.

One of my first days of injury, the only comfortable place was reclining on the bed, so what else is there to watch on tele at 4:00 in the afternoon, but Nigella Lawson on Cooking Channel. This particular day’s show was Comfort Foods.

Muffins are something I make a lot. After coffee, six days a week, I begin with a muffin before my 4-5 mile walk. I make blueberry, cherry, banana, oat bran or whatever I happen to have on hand, so when I saw this version, I printed it and made some the next day. They are Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Muffins and the recipe is here. Due to copyrights of most of the cookbooks I work from, I normally can’t put recipes here, but this one is on the Cooking Channel web site, so you can try your hand at them.

Cooling off.

The ingredients are basic supermarket fair- nothing exotic. If you bake at all, they are likely in your pantry.

Breakfast anyone?

Is there any food more satisfying than chocolate? If there is, I don’t what! So continues my adventures in good food. I’m almost certain, I read on WebMD that chocolate was the cure for sprained muscles.

Toujours, bon appétit!
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