Just a self-trained home cook in an 8' x 12' kitchen honing his craft…


I am a self-taught cook who has a lot of food information, some of which I thought worth sharing. I cook/bake almost daily and reading blogs has been beneficial to me, so I thought I’d do the same. My cooking interest began as a child watching Julia on what was then, educational TV on Sunday afternoons, but in those days(especially with my kitchen-controlling grandmother) boys were only allowed in the kitchen for snacks and eating, but not to help or cook. I was well into adulthood before my real quest to learn to cook geared up. My partner gave me Julia’s ‘The Way to Cook’ in September 1989. I will be forever indebted to her, her books, videos and television series which still guide me daily. Also, a tip of the hat to Julie Powell who wrote a blog back in the days when we all were saying, “What’s a ‘blog’?” Thankfully we have she and Julia’s stories immortalized in the film “Julie & Julia.”

Toujours, bon appetit!


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